Monday, April 5, 2010


So I told us all to blog by Sunday but I didn't do it!

I failed!

I know I get a big F! But I just so you know I did think about it! I thought about it a lot actually!

I just didn't know what to post!

I must say one thing! I am excited to be a roomie with you two! Seriously! I couldn't ask for two better roomates! We all just seem to get along so well!

The deposit money came out of my account today! It's getting real! I can't believe it! Two months from now life is going to be a bit different for me and I can't wait for a new change!

Change usually scares the crap out of me! It's a scary thing! Especially when your life has been in a nice rythme for so long. I am scared, but it's a good scared! I am excited to see what will happen with me! But I am scared because this is the first really big change in my life in 10 years! 10!

(finding all of the f's in this post was hard! I am pretty sure I missed some.)


smart alec said...

the fact that you found all the Fs means you get an A (which is for Awesome, by the way. and Ali. go figure).

I can't wait for roommateness to happen! SO excited! definitely a good scared :)

B said...

Ria, I do love that you bossed us to post and you didn't. That's totally something I would do.

My assistant manager (okay from now on, I'm saying her name...I feel like I talk about her at least once a day to you guys) Sue said that the money coming out means it's done! AH!! I can't wait either! Life will be a party every day...wassssuuuuup!!!??

smart alec said...



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