Thursday, April 29, 2010

June 1st!

That is the day! The day we can move into our place! Of course Ali won't move in till she gets home. But at least she has a home when she gets back! Horray for us!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in two weeks i'll be here

and here
I'm going to miss you girls SOOO much!!!!!!!!

I'll try to send you lots of post cards

I'm super excited to travel the world,
but I can't wait to come home to you two as my amazing roommates.
After this week is over life is going to be so good for a long time. I can just feel it.

Friday, April 9, 2010


It's the worst sound in the world. It makes my skin crawl, my entire body cringe, and for a brief moment I want to kill something. It's my alarm. I hate it!

Especially, when I am having a wonderful dream about Mr. Talldarkandhandsome, just when he is about to give me the best kiss of my entire life, the alarm goes off and ruins the whole thing.

I feel like the alarm clock enjoys it!
It is the alarms job, waking people up. I just picture it getting so excited about going off. I know that it is an inanimate object. But it has been taunting me for years!

This week I finally figured out a way to not let the alarm clock torture me! I wake up before it goes off! It’s like a race, and I am winning! I was so excited on Tuesday when I beat it two days in a row. Now it is Friday and I went all week without hearing my alarm go off once! And I have been in a great mood everyday that I have woken up before the alarm. It may be that I just love winning so much. And I am defeating something that has given me grief for years. I am just so proud.

I thought I would share. If I make it two weeks, we need to celebrate with a dinner.

Monday, April 5, 2010


So I told us all to blog by Sunday but I didn't do it!

I failed!

I know I get a big F! But I just so you know I did think about it! I thought about it a lot actually!

I just didn't know what to post!

I must say one thing! I am excited to be a roomie with you two! Seriously! I couldn't ask for two better roomates! We all just seem to get along so well!

The deposit money came out of my account today! It's getting real! I can't believe it! Two months from now life is going to be a bit different for me and I can't wait for a new change!

Change usually scares the crap out of me! It's a scary thing! Especially when your life has been in a nice rythme for so long. I am scared, but it's a good scared! I am excited to see what will happen with me! But I am scared because this is the first really big change in my life in 10 years! 10!

(finding all of the f's in this post was hard! I am pretty sure I missed some.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sometimes cake looks so good

so, i've got like one hour 2 minutes til i have to have a blog up here.

I know like all my posts are about food, but, i just really like to look at food. and eat it. and think about it.

For some reason cake sounded really good today. Good cake, not normal cake. really good moist chocolate cake with that really good frosting. And then I thought, what better time to eat delicious cake than at a cake testing. And that's when I decided that I'm extremely excited to go cake testing for my wedding cake. I'm going to milk that experience for all its worth.

because good cake. is so good.

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