Friday, April 9, 2010


It's the worst sound in the world. It makes my skin crawl, my entire body cringe, and for a brief moment I want to kill something. It's my alarm. I hate it!

Especially, when I am having a wonderful dream about Mr. Talldarkandhandsome, just when he is about to give me the best kiss of my entire life, the alarm goes off and ruins the whole thing.

I feel like the alarm clock enjoys it!
It is the alarms job, waking people up. I just picture it getting so excited about going off. I know that it is an inanimate object. But it has been taunting me for years!

This week I finally figured out a way to not let the alarm clock torture me! I wake up before it goes off! It’s like a race, and I am winning! I was so excited on Tuesday when I beat it two days in a row. Now it is Friday and I went all week without hearing my alarm go off once! And I have been in a great mood everyday that I have woken up before the alarm. It may be that I just love winning so much. And I am defeating something that has given me grief for years. I am just so proud.

I thought I would share. If I make it two weeks, we need to celebrate with a dinner.


smart alec said...

did someone say dinner???? I'M IN. haha. but really. i'm really jealous. I HATE the sound of my alarm, but, even when i do wake up before it goes off (which is rare) I always lay in bed until it does go off so i can sleep more. so you're pretty much amazing. I vote for two weeks!

B said...


I vote for dinner too! Please, let's!


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