Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 roommate, 2 roommate, 3 rooommate...4!

This was supposed to be a bitter post about how I'm not lazy and fat, how I DO Facebook it up often and therefore, have nothing interesting enough to contribute to our blog (hence why Bethany doesn't have her own). SO, as I was uploading pictures onto my computer, I found this old photo and it made me smile (which is appreciated considering the sickly state I am in at the moment).

This was taken at a Bee's game right around the time we all started to get to know each other better: spending days/nights at Dan, Joel and Spencer's, buying way too many Krispy Kremes and discussing the fun days that were going to be had when we moved in together! Well, it's been close to a YEAR since we've moved in together and saying that it's been great would be an understatement. So instead of defending myself in a hostile manner, why not brag about what is so great about living with these girls?

- It's always a party with the combination of amazing girls in a home
- They take care of you when you're sick
- They are always there to keep you in check. I have heard this often, "Ya know Bethany...have you ever considered your ice cream habits to be a problem?"
- They make you feel prettier than any other guy who has told you so. Count on them to go into (sometimes too much) detail about how good you look. Love it!
- They bare through my bad habits, thus, I learn to control them
- It's expected to have a smile on your face when you come home to them...they are always welcoming!
- We all LOVE sushi. It wouldn't be a functioning household if we didn't share that same interest.
- NPP's. Enough said.
- Delicious treats are to be had on a weekly basis. Half of the time I complain only to make it look like I care that I'm eating things that are bad for me, when really, I couldn't be more grateful for Ali's wonderful baking skills.
- Pillow talk
- Late night diet coke/donut runs. THE BEST.

It is a comforting thought to know that at the end of a long day, you will be happy to just be home. It is because of the girls that live in this house that make it so special. We are all aiming for the same spiritual goals, support each other in that and have a lot of fun goofing off in the meantime. We aren't perfect and we definitely have our moments, but among those, we are quick to say "I'm sorry" and our relationship grows stronger. We always say that sometimes our love for each other is a bad thing, that we might just end up living together for the rest of our lives and not even bother to find husbands. It'll be sad to eventually move on to that next chapter of our lives when we have to say goodbye to late night talks, baking in our pjs, and grocery shopping together but that time hasn't come yet! Needless to say, I love my roommates, each and every one of them.

With that being said, I want to welcome the newest and coolest addition to our home (no, it is not a 52" screen TV...we're workin on that one) but the one and only JESSICA ZINK!

All of the above that I've stated apply to this girl. She has been such a bomb-a addition to our home and we're incredibly happy to have her! We hope she enjoys it just as much as we do.

So here's to even more good times had in this household. Like I said, these girls make it really hard to abide by what the our bishopric is constantly drilling in our minds..."prepare now to find those eternal companions..." eh, boys have cooties.

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