Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes life just falls into place

It truly amazes me. A couple of weeks ago, life came to a point where it looked me straight in the face and said, " Okay check it. Big girl decisions soon have to be made." Crap. In result, stress gets higher and higher and anxiety becomes greater and greater. As the ever-so-talented singer/song writer Ben Folds says, "Everybody knows it sucks to grow up." And it's true, especially when you are trying to decide where to live, what alternative job to take, trying to move forward in schooling/career choice, what the best option for housing is, throw monies in the mix and your head is all sorts of messed up. As it is all sorted out little by little, one thing at a time, you might start seeing a speck of light at the end of the tunnel. You find a great condo that suits three girls just fine, and hey, rent is reasonable. You decide to apply to a dental assisting program to gain knowledge in the dental field. You also find that the location may be 30 minutes away from your comfort zone but it is a lovely place that you will soon call home. And when you think you might be stuck at a job that is 30 minutes away from where you will be living, a suitable job in your soon-to-be-living city opens up and falls right into your lap.

So amidst the stress and anxiety of the decision making that so called "grown-ups" do, really you're just making positive changes that will benefit you, your future, your roommates and maybe, just maybe, you will be lying in bed blogging about how much better you feel because it all seems so worth it. I am excited for the changes ahead, whether they work out or not. Life happens. And whatever happens, happens for a reason. I'm sure it will be a great ride, tons of fun and a wonderful experience in the next chapter of my life.

Question for Ali and Ria: Wanna move in together?


Jacie Bowen said...

bethany. u didnt answer any of my questions. only posed more questions. so did u get a new job? somewhere out here? are u really moving into midtown village? (i think they are too expensive, but its yo money) what is going on?

smart alec said...

yes please!!!! :) yay for things working out. they always do. and you are amazing, in case you didn't know.

Maria said...

You don't even have to ask me! I will always say yes to living with you.


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